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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Get rid of the shortcut-arrow from Shortcut Icons.

Well, this tip is mainly for the desktop conscious, the ones who like to flaunt their sleek looking desktops with the magnificent wallpapers, smooth looking themes and arty icons.
But the little shortcut-arrow that shows up on shortcut icons always seem to blemish the beauty of your icons.
So this little tweak here helps you get rid off these ugly marks.
All you've got to do is edit a single registry value.
Here's how its done...

Head over the the Registry Editor (Start>Run>"regedit">OK)
Navigate to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile".
Backup the key just incase you would want the shortcut-arrows back in the future. To do this, right click on "lnkfile">Export>and save the .reg file to a directory with an appropriate name like "Show shortcut arrows".
Now that you're done backing up,
Delete the "IsShortcut" string. Hit F5 (To refresh).
Log off. Log back on.
Your're done! :)

View your Folder Sizes in the Details section of your folders

It's always a pain to not be able to view a folder size directly in the Details-view of a folder. Right-clicking>Properties and then waiting for the folder size to show up isn't the only way out anymore.
You can now use the application Folder Size 2.4 to enable the folder-size attribute to show up in the Details section as seen in the screenshot below.

All you've got to do is download the 228kb .msi file from here. Close any open explorer windows. Run the installer and you're good to go.
Now, just rightclick the Details tab and check the Foldersize attribute to view the folder sizes.
The app also lets you see the number of Folder Children, File Children and All Children.
Enjoy the tweak! :)

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